Pocket Obama: Soundboard of the 44th President! App Reviews

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Awesome soundboard

This is a hilarious soundboard, I cant believe some of the clips! Totally worth it.

No sound

I have tried everything with my sound settings but still it plays none (and other apps and songs DO play on same settings I am testing)


It is really fun but it needs a volume control

But needs...

A function to combine somw phrases into a sentence and activate the sentence with the press of one button, but I dont see that as a possibility with the developer putting almost no time into this and charging a dollar.


I cant believe I spent a freaking dollar in this worthless app

What a hoot!

This app has provided Ample amounts of entertainment. Well worth the $1 for the giggles that have ensued!

Not compatible with iOS8, app support not available

The free version was a pure 4.5 stars but when I upgraded my iPhone 5s to iOS 8 and then 8.0.2 and bought the full version there was no audio.

Save your $$$ buy some coffee!

Does not work with IOS 8. No sound, no response, nothing! Waste of $$$, wish I could give it 0 stars, but in order to post review had to give it 1.


Fix the no sound issue

Ripped off

The app does not work! Do not buy this app!!!!!

I purchased this app and it doesnt work

I wouldnt recommend purchasing this application. I paid money for it and it doesnt work. It was an impulse purchase for $0.99, but I shouldnt have wasted that $0.99 cause every penny counts.

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